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Sandy River Health Systems - Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Various Locations, ME

Pare was retained by Genesis Healthcare to perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for eleven nursing and long-term care facilities in southern and central Maine.  The facilities ranged in age from 10 to 40 years and ranged in size from 60 to 130 beds.  The properties were located in a variety of settings, which included rural and undeveloped areas of Maine, as well as urban and historically developed cities.
The purpose of the Phase I ESA process is to evaluate each site with respect to the potential presence of Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC).  Pare was able to visit all eleven sites and complete all eleven Phase I ESAs concurrently and within a 45 day timeframe.   In addition, Pare’s report included other important findings for each site such as the presence and age of any underground storage tanks, inappropriate chemical storage, etc, which may not constitute an REC, but did warrant recognition.

Additional investigations performed by Pare included determining permit applications that may be required for any improvements or renovations to the properties, reviews of elevator inspection reports, and physical inspections of elevator pits, where accessible, to determine any hydraulic fluid spills.