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Services / Features
  • Condition survey
  • Foundation design
  • Structural engineering
East Side Siphon Gatehouse, Providence, RI

The Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) retained the services of Pare Corporation to perform a structural condition survey and evaluation and prepare bid documents to reconstruct the East Side Sewerage Gatehouse and Siphon structure located at the end of India Street in Providence, Rhode Island.

The siphon was originally constructed in 1895 as a siphon to convey sewage across the Providence River from the east side to the west side. Following conveyance to the west side of the Providence River, the sewage is then treated at the NBC Fields Point Wastewater Treatment Plant before being discharged into the river. To divert incoming flow from either of the two east side pipelines, independent timber gates can be lowered through recessed groves to impede the flow. These timber gates are stored and operated from a hoist beam enclosed within the Siphon Gatehouse.

PARE performed an existing condition survey of the Gatehouse Building and Siphon structure. Based on our assessment, it was recommended that the building be demolished and reconstructed to resemble the 1895 appearance. In conjunction with an architect, PARE prepared plans and bid documents for the new gatehouse.