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Services / Features
  • Roadway engineering
  • Public participation
  • Drainage design
  • Pavement design
  • Traffic engineering
Root Road Highway Improvements
Westfield, MA

Pare Corporation provided professional engineering services for the reconstruction of 2.5 miles of roadway extending from Cabot Road to the Westfield/Southampton Town Line. The reconstruction project included the stabilization of a beaver dam at the Brick Yard Ponds and the replacement of a reinforced concrete box culvert.  Root Road serves as a minor collector for the adjacent residential and commercial areas.  Due to the deteriorating condition of the facilities, the City of Westfield engaged Pare for redesign of the roadway and culverts.

Engineering services provided for  the  reconstruction of Root Road included improvements to the horizontal and vertical alignment, intersection improvements, signage and striping, widening of the roadway to accommodate a bicycle lane, redesign of the drainage system, traffic capacity analysis, culvert replacements, and the stabilization of the beaver dam.

The design of the project involved significant public participation in the form of public hearings, as well as coordination with municipal agencies.  Coordination with the local utility companies was also required for relocation or adjustments to the facilities on Root Road.