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Salisbury Tide Gate Replacement, Flood Mitigation and Wetland Rehabilitation
Salisbury, MA

The town of Salisbury had been experiencing significant flooding along Route 1 (a major north-south connector in town). The cause of flooding was an undersized culvert and poorly functioning tidegate, which also caused reduced tidal flushing. After extensive review, it was determined that replacing the undersized culvert with two new 5’ x5’ culverts with modern, adjustable slide/flap gates would not only help control flooding but would allow a large increase in daily tidal flushing within the degraded salt marsh,allowing it to return to a more naturally vegetated condition. The Town retained Pare Corporation to provide engineering and permitting services necessary for the project to proceed. 

The incorporation of a new system that includes two larger culverts and tide gates enables full draining of the marsh during low tide cycles, decreasing the retention time and regulating the inflow from the Town
Creek during higher tides.  With the new system in place and functioning for nearly 3 months, the benefits are already apparent.  The marsh drains during the tidal cycle, natural channels within the marsh are being restored, storm runoff is being stored and released, and signs of ecological health are visible.